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Система связей с общественностью в органе государственной власти (на примере МЧС России)

2008. №4, pp. 80-85

Казакова В.С.  - аспирант кафедры государственной политики и государственного управления Кубанского государственного университета

The system of public relations within the executive power branch represents the structure which is targeted at the creation of a positive image of state institutions in the public mind, at the establishment and maintenance of bilateral contacts with various public groups and their leaders. In public opinion the Ministry of Emergency Measures today stands for a unified system ensuring the population safety. The creation of such a positive image is possible due to the existence of the public relations system of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. The system through its support of the strategies and technologies of the PR activities has given the society the feeling of security and has increased the level of respect towards government organizations.