THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

National ideology in the modern conditions

2008. 1, pp. 36-41

Utelbayev K.T. - 

The USSR disintegration led to the communism ideology crash, for hundreds years stimulated development of spiritual life of people, living on the USSR territory. This phenomenon led to reflection of ideology role and place in the spiritual life of society and government. There was no ideology in the country, only communist, represented by the different political and government institutions. The ideology played the important role in the political life of society, it began to the further development of polyethnic government on the progress way. The reconstruction of 1985 with its publicity brought society and its spiritual sphere in condition of uncertainly so the character of peoples’ world view was destroyed by formed communist ideology in one instant. The results of this progress are identification loss on ethnic, religious, individual and group levels.