THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Caviar in the frontier of great culture

2015. №2, pp. 387-396

BaevР° Lyudmila V. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Dean, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The role of caviar in the world culture is unique in many ways: it has become a symbol of quality of life, luxury and success, on the one hand, on the other hand, it appears brand multicultural region of Lower Volga - the Caspian, the delta of the great Russian river Volga. The history of relations with caviar - not just part of the culture of everyday life of the past, but also the opportunity to take a fresh look at contemporary cross-cultural and eco-cultural problems of society. The object of research is the caviar as biocultural phenomenon, the subject of acts - the image of caviar in the world culture. The method of investigation is based on the principles of the culture of everyday life, historical anthropology, cross-cultural studies of border areas, the theory of the frontier. The results can be used as a humanitarian and ecological contexts, have educational and environmental aspects of the application.

Key words: икра, культура повседневности, осетровые, кросс-культурный анализ, биокультурный феномен, caviar, culture of everyday life, sturgeon, cross-cultural analysis, biocultural phenomenon