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Educational technologies in the prevention of extremism and the formation of a tolerant consciousness of youth

2015. №2, pp. 334-337

Zubova Oksana G. - Ph.D. (Political Science), Associate Professor, Moscow Humanitarian Institute of the name of E. R. Dashkova, 6B Leskov st., Moscow, 127349, Russian Federation,

The article describes the prevention of youth extremism through educational technology, when a culture of dialogue, tolerance towards ethnic, national, racial, confessional differences, to perception of the culture and customs of the countries and peoples. This allows not only to diagnose and to study this phenomenon, but in the dialogue to seek complicated answers to questions which excite modern youth, bringing the audience to the level of social optimism, forming the Foundation for critical thinking and self-reflection, active civil position.

Key words: образование, молодежь, радикализм, экстремизм, профилактика, толерантное сознание, диалог, социально-гуманитарные дисциплины, саморефлексия, критическое мышление, активная гражданская позиция, education, youth, radicalism, extremism, prevention, tolerant consciousness, dialogue, social humanitarian disciplines, self-reflection, critical thinking, active civil position