THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Eurasian idea and challenges globalizing world

2015. №2, pp. 282-287

Badmaev Valeriy N. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Head of the Department, Kalmyk State University, 11 Pushkin st., Elista, 358000,vRussian Federation,

The objective processes of globalization leads to increased interdependence among nations and improve the interaction between cultures and civilizations. Changes in the global arena returned to active turnover classic categories of international relations among which a special place is occupied by the concept of Eurasianism. The need to rethink the ideas of Eurasianism updated look for new vectors of development of modern changing world, based Multivision to global peace and multiidentity of the modern man.

Key words: евразийство, глобализация, Запад, Восток, Россия, культурная идентичность, диалог, российская культура