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The modern Political Science processes in Bulgaria: Sofia between the West and Russia

2015. №2, pp. 107-111

Umanskaya Luiza A. - Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor, doctorant, Institute of Service, Tourism and Design Branch of The North-Caucasus Federal University, 40 let Octyabrya ave., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Region, 56357503, Russian Federation,

After 1991 all countries of the former socialist camp chose the western vector of development, having curtailed the project of the Eastern Partnership. They counted weak Russia as a source of all the socio-Political Science troubles, and hurried to renounce from it. However, the allied relations with the West already led to loss of economic independence and the Political Science sovereignty. Modern Bulgaria is a classical example of such geoPolitical Science treachery when westernized Political Science elite from the name of their people declared a resolute gap with the former east partner. Owing to this fact Political Science processes in Bulgaria gained the extremely inconsistent and conflict character testifying about Political Science instability of Balkan state and the serious system shocks.

Key words: Болгария, Евросоюз, Россия, «Южный поток», интеграция, конфликт, политические элиты, кризис, экономические сотрудничество, НАТО, Bulgaria, European Union, Russia, South Stream, integration, conflict, Political Science elite, crisis, economic cooperation, NATO