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Key sources on "massacre in baturin": problem of reliability

2015. №2, pp. 90-98

Stavitskiy Andrey V. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, 7 Geroi Sevastopolya st., Sevastopol, 7299001, Russian Federation,

This article analyzes the historical sources on the so-called "Baturin massacre." According to Ukrainian historiography, November 2, 1708 "flying squad" under the command of Prince Alexander Menshikov seized and destroyed the residence of Hetman Ivan Mazepa Baturin Fortress. In this case, A.D. Menshikov was not limited to the destruction of the fortress, but killed all the defenders and locals. Total, according to Ukrainian historiography became victims of Russian dragoons from 6 to 23 thousand people of all ages. This version is confirmed by numerous historical sources that describe the "massacre in Baturin." However, structural analysis of these sources shows that those who served as witnesses, in fact they are not, but only transmits the usual rumors. Participants assault Baturin about the massacre did not report. Participants hike Swedes write about the destruction, but about the mountains of corpses are silent. Lack of corpses sources explain the fact that corpses were sent on rafts on the rivers. But elementary calculation shows that the dragoons could neither hide the bodies of dead or send them on rafts per night. On the basis of this analysis of sources, we can conclude that the myth of the massacre in Baturin reliable sources is not confirmed.

Key words: гетман Мазепа, «батуринская резня», историческая мифология, Батурин, А.Д. Меншиков, исторические источники, Hetman Mazepa, «massacre in Baturin», historical mythology, Baturin, A.D. Menshikov, historical sources