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Fuel and energy factor in modern Democracatic process

2015. №2, pp. 82-87

Yakovlev Maksim V. - Ph.D. (Political Science), doctorant, Lomonosov Moscow State University, GSP-1, 27 Lomonosovskiy ave., Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

Current approaches to the role of oil and gas in the democratic process are analyzed in the article due to the growing interest in fuel and energy factor in politics. Among these are two main approaches: petrodollar and Political Science and hydrocarbon. Researchers of the first approach conclude that the oil and gas extra income allow the Political Science class to reduce the possibility of democracy and establish authoritarian rule through various social subsidies. Another group of researchers noted the need for an integrated approach to the fuel and energy mineral resources taking into account the history of the production of hydrocarbons, their properties, the international order, the transformation of the democratic process in the conditions of use of the abundant and cheap hydrocarbon energy. The author makes two main conclusions. Firstly, the relevant explanation of maintaining a stable democracy - is the formation of a democratic regime (in USA, Norway etc.) long before the start of production of oil and gas resources and aspiration of the Political Science class and citizens to act in accordance with democratic principles and procedures. Secondly, the hydrocarbon factor can have a serious impact on the specific design of the Political Science system and the democratic Political Science process with the country-specific.

Key words: государство, демократия, демократизация, демократический процесс, минеральные ресурсы, нефтедоллары, нефть, политическая система, политический режим, топливно-энергетический комплекс, политика, природный газ, углеводороды, democracy, democratization, democratic process, fuel and energy complex, hydrocarbons, mineral resources, natural gas, oil, petrodollar, policy, Political Science system, Political Science regime, state