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Scientific journal

Usage of crude oil and oil products by microorganisms isolated from Caspian coastal areas, along the Apsheron Peninsula

2006. №1, pp. 21-26

Aliyeva S.R. - 

The ecological analysis (qualitative and quantitative) of microscopic fungi-saprophytes from coastal water and soil of Apsheron Peninsula of the Caspian Sea is carried aut Among 7 fungi genus isolated from the water the more distributed appeared the species of Penicil-lium genus which are detected in 58,3 % of all water samples. In the research it is shown that the fungi of Aspergillus, Fusarium, Mucor, Penicillium genus are able to actively degrade crude oil and oil products (diesel, kerosene, benzene). The degree of oil pollution of the researched areas is defined by the method of gas-liquid chromatography.