THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

The Policy of Information security of the Russian Federation in the Caspian Region

2004. 2, pp. 8-16

Anufriyev D.P. - 

The doctrine of informational safety of the Russian Federation PR -1895, September 9, 2000 , assigns the fundamental role of information in providing of the national security. The creation of the regional electronic government of the Astrakhan region will make it possible to strengthen positions of the RF in the Caspian region due to the strengthening of ties with the adjacent state structures, with business-associations and with compatriots. This creation of the electronic government is an expensive project, accompanied by numerous and diverse risks. In the article is examined the possibility of using the processes of self-organization in the social and economic systems for creating the elements of a regional electronic government.