THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

The importance of the Caspian sea in a new world order

2004. 1, pp. 19-26

Novosyolov S.V. - 

In the article The importance of the Caspian sea in a new world order, by Novosyolov S.V., the questions of a geopolitical situation and balance of forces in region are considered. The Caspian region was entered in the system of geopolitical processes in three main aspects: through formation of the new subjects of the regional and international relations; through inclusion of region in to the interregional relations and through arrival to region forces and states external for it, solving here their own tasks. The Caspian region,, in general, appears in the greater measure to be an object, rather than subject of the relations at a global level, that makes it vulnerable for influence from the outside. Now, USA having global interests and opportunities are capable to render essential influence on the situation of businesses in region, on the international status of the separate countries of region, on a place of all region in world economy and policy, and represent themselves as the regional leader. At the same time, interregional forces (except for Russia and the Iran) have no essential influence outside the region. The geopolitical aspects of the Caspian problem in the nearest prospect will render decisive influence on development of the situation in the discussed world area.