THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Euro-regions as a model of transfrontier cooperation

2004. 1, pp. 12-19

Korchagina N.A. - 

The article is devoted to estimating euro-region model of transfrontier cooperation as a way of regional economic development. World experience proves, that transfrontier cooperation is oriented to establish and develop mutually profitable partner relations for people on both sides of the border and is an effective mechanism for stimulating social and economic development of border regions. By the present moment the methods and approaches, applied to develop inter-regional links and cross-border cooperation in Russia, no longer help to achieve required results. Russian legislation on transfrontier cooperation allows to establish joint bodies for transfrontier cooperation - so called regions of transfrontier integration and cooperation. There are examples of establishing and successful functioning of suchlike formations in Russia.