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Scientific journal

The origin analysis of the south Russian' women participation in the great patriotic war

2015. №1, pp. 374-383

Kameneva Galina N. - C.Sc. (History), Associate Professor, Stavropol State Educational Institute, 417Рђ Lenin st., Stavropol, 355029, Russian Federation,

The article presents the origin base research analysis of the South Russian' women patriotic activity during the Great Patriotic War. The author analyzed different origin groups including the documents from more than 120 funds, 4 central, 14 regional archives and paid attention on documents of country’s central archives to reconstruct the complete picture of South Russia’s women activity during the war and resume the conclusions. The documental analysis of Russian Federation Ministry of Defense’s Central Archives reflects one of the little-investigated matters of gender regional history: women’s service in army. The present origin base let labor, combat, partisan, socio-political, charity and the military routine issues of the South Russian' women.

Key words: источниковая база, архивные документы, опубликованные сборники документов и материалов, эпистолярные источники, воспоминания, периодическая печать, полевой материал, origin base, archival documents, published documents and materials collectors, epistolary sources, recollections, periodical press, field material