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Scientific journal

The phenomenon of myth and modernity: philosophical and cultural analysis

2015. №1, pp. 303-308

Kunyashova Svetlana V. - Deputy Director of Development, Astrakhan Memorial Estate, 15 Sovetskaya st., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

This article presents a philosophical and cultural analysis of the problem of phenomenal myth and its dynamics. The myth is studied in the context of its correlation with the mass consciousness, the human psyche, cultural and social development. Author's view is reflected in the need for interdisciplinary analysis of myth, registered historical, cultural and contemporary conditions of its actualization (remythologization) as a complex mental-psychological phenomenon.

Key words: миф, ремифологизация, глобализация, массовое сознание, культура, myth, remythologization, globalization, mass consciousness, culture