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Wine in ethic and philosophical system of Confucianism

2015. №1, pp. 256-266

Song Jie  - Lecturer of the Department of Russian Language, Hainan State University branch in Danchzhou, Narodnyy av., Haydyandao Island, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan Province, 570228, China,

Along with music, wine and wine drinking in Confucian philosophy was built into the general system of rules and rituals and used as "an external method" of self-improvement and for the creation of social space. For Confucianism joint wine drinking - public and ritualized - was an important way of designing of society and the whole Universe.

Key words: Конфуций, конфуцианство, алкогольные напитки, ритуал, винопитие, самосовершенствование, социальное пространство, «благородный муж», династия Шан, династия Западное Чжоу, жертвоприношение, Confucius, Confucianism, alcoholic beverages, ritual, wine drinking, self-improvement, social space, "the noble man", dynasty of Shang, dynasty of Western Zhou, sacrificial rites