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Special training of elite units of Russian armed forces

2015. №1, pp. 250-256

Nebratenko Sergey V. - Senior Lecturer, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The army has always been one of the main indicators of prestige of the state and political opportunities existing in it power. The quality of the army itself is measured by the level of training of special units that make up its core (its fighting elite). This article is an analysis of the quality of special training of elite units of the armed forces of modern Russia, is characterized by the special literature and popular sources of information that reveals the essence of these methods.

Key words: армия, спецвойска, спецподготовка, военная элиты, правоохранительные органы, методика подготовка, army, special forces, special training, the military elite, law enforcement, training methodology