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Ukrainian project: the problem of total simulation

2015. №1, pp. 89-96

Stavitskiy Andrey V. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, 7 Geroi Sevastopolya st., Sevastopol, 299001, Russian Federation,

The article considers the problem of positioning the Ukrainian project, which is based on a systematic organized terminological and semantic substitution. This substitution can justify the historical legitimacy of the Ukrainian project and the right to education of the Ukrainian state. And also create the illusion of solving a number of social and political problems. For this national anxious Ukrainians realized total recoding of consciousness Ukrainian citizens to justify separation of Ukraine from Russian civilization and its subsequent split. Split Russian civilization allows to weaken Russia and to take full control of its resources. The article reveals the reasons, motivations and processing methods used by Ukrainian "elite" to realize the Ukrainian project. The article examines the basic qualities of the Ukrainian "elite" in the light of its objectives. Examines the question of what role the West devotes to the project "Ukraine" and what consequences await Ukraine. Shows harmfulness of the Ukrainian project for Ukraine and its citizens.

Key words: украинский проект, тотальная имитация, симулякр, украинская мифоистория, украинская «элита», утилизация Украины, Ukrainian project, total imitation, simulacrum, Ukrainian myth-history, Ukrainian "elite", utilization of Ukraine