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Scientific journal

The problem of interregional leveling as the way of resolving the contradiction between equality and efficiency

2015. №1, pp. 62-68

Budovskaya Olesya V. - Ph.D. (Political Sciences), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The article deals with mutually beneficial fast-growing interregional contacts and relations, which are considered to be one of the most important factors for social and economic development of the country, for social and political stability and for territorial integrity of the state. Being a very important feature of the Russian Federalism, interregional relations along with the vertical power consolidation plays a specific strategic part in the maintenance of the Russian State stability and dynamism. The problem of interregional leveling is like the way of conflict resolution between equality and efficiency. The economic efficiency growth of the country as a whole has never occurred due to all state regions. The efficiency growth inevitably leads to the emergence and deepening of interregional contrasts, growing inequality between regions - "growth poles", peripherals and semi-peripherals.

Key words: федерализм, межрегиональные связи, межрегиональное выравнивание, межрегиональные контрасты, эффективность экономики, региональная интеграция, региональная политика, federalism, inter-regional contacts, inter-regional leveling, interregional contrasts, economic efficiency, regional integration, regional policy