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The anti-Semitic reaction on the doctors' plot by the soviet society (on materials of Novgorod KGB)

2015. №1, pp. 32-39

Astashkin Dmitriy Yu. - Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University, 41 Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya st., Veliky Novgorod, 173025, Russian Federation,

The Doctors' plot was a prominent example of the Soviet anti-Semitic policy of the post-war period. It was accompanied by show trials and anti-Semitic propaganda in state-run mass media. The Soviet society of that period was scared and spread Anti-Semitic rumors and gossip. The KGB paid special attention to record them. According to the KGB files certain Soviet citizens supported anti-Semitic policy of Nazis and justified the Holocaust. After the death of Joseph Stalin the new Soviet leadership declared that The Doctors' plot was fabricated, the accused Jews were released. However anti-Semitic general mood was still strong among the Soviet population in regions.

Key words: СССР, евреи, антисемитизм, «дело врачей», Новгород, МГБ, провинция, USSR, Jews, anti-Semitism, the Doctors' plot, Novgorod, KGB, province